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Research has shown that the primary reason these powerful winds enter a structure is from flying debris breaking the glass in the windows or doors. The Energy Gard Hurricane Impact Plus will be the first line of defense and will be on guard 24 hours a day/365 days per year to protect a home or building from flying debris and the destructive hurricane force winds. Our impact window has been designed, engineered, tested and certified with the most stringent building codes in mind. 

Our Impact series was developed specifically for the hurricane protection market and has structural ratings that exceed other impact window systems. It is also energy efficient and beautiful so your house retains its beautiful curb appeal. The Energy Gard Impact PlusTM is the perfect option to help make homes and buildings safe from dangers associated with a hurricane before, during and after the storm.

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Hurricane Impact Windows

Impact Windows

Our Energy Gard Hurricane Impact Plus energy efficient windows are made with the southern weather climate in mind. You never know what the weather will be like from day to day. 

With the devastating effects of recent hurricanes, Charley, Rita, and Matthew and the increase in frequency and strength of these storms, building officials, insurance companies and homeowners have realized that ignoring the dangers associated with hurricanes is very dangerous and in some cases deadly. Research has shown that the best way to protect a building or home from the dangers associated with a hurricane is by eliminating the ability for wind to penetrate through windows & doors and create an internal pressure strong enough to blow the roof off.