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Dig deeper to learn more about our complete Kool WallTM by Certified line from siding and soffit to exterior accessories to trim and rain removal products, and how a we can complete your vision. You’ll find out why vinyl siding is the #1 choice in exterior cladding for homeowners across the country, how vinyl siding contributes to sustainable and low maintenance building goals.

Vinyl Siding

Certified Kool WallTM Vinyl Siding now provides a straighter appearance and a more solid feel. With patented systems, you can choose exceptional and natural-looking woodgrain detail and a wide selection of color options.  The south including Florida has a lot of block homes.  This means homeowners need to paint trim, gables, soffits, fascias, porches, and posts.  Certified is able to offer no paint solutions for these areas as well as walls of siding. 

Kool WallTM Vinyl Siding insulates the entire homes exterior and can improve your R-Value / U-Values of your home up to 25%. High frequency noise and wind sounds are reduced by up to 50%. Very few people know how to install siding properly and we are blessed to have them on our team. Our installers are trained and highly skilled in the installation of siding.

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