Slider Windows

Making Your Home Energy Efficient And Beautiful  

Certified Home Services, Inc.

Sliding windows are a great choice for many homes. 

Our 2 lite sliding window is very popular due to the fact sashes slide to open for fresh air ventilation, while at the same time providing a beautiful view of the outdoors. They also give the home a different look which sets your home apart in the neighborhood.

Our 3 lite sliding window is widely used to provide large openings with an unobstructed view and still keeps the opening energy efficient. The center sash is stationary and the side lites move to create fresh air ventilation. 

Our Kool SashTM by Certified sliding windows come standard with fusion welded frames and sashes. This creates strong weather tight frames and sashes. Coupled with multiple layers of weatherstripping just makes our window a top of the line energy efficient window. 

With two panes of double strength glass which is more resistant to breakage and it reduces outside noise pollution to make your home not only more comfortable, but quieter as well.

All of our windows are custom made so we get an exact fit each and every time. This helps seal your home and reduce air infiltration. 

We offer many different options, and colors so that you can make your home the house beautiful in the neighborhood.