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Imagine having a room that allowed you to bring the outdoors into your home. Now imagine that same room provided extra space for family and friends to gather, increased the value of your property, and cost less than 60% of a traditional room addition. A Energy Gardtm by Certified sunroom Addition is just that.

Using our own system of thick, structural beams, the Certified sunroom team can design a room that fits into the layout of your home, all while keeping in mind the way you would like the room to feel and of course, your intended use for the space.

Every sunroom is built from components designed by our engineers; for use in Florida and approved by the Florida Building codes. 

With limitless design possibilities and structural options such as our Certified thermally insulated glass to prevent the suns heat from passing into your home and even Impact Resistant Insulated Glass, making our room easy to heat and cool. You can use the room year round in all types of weather due to the way it is constructed. The

Certified sunroom team can build a room within any budget and design.

Making Your Home Energy Efficient And Beautiful The Certified Way

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